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This self help internet site contains zoning maps and historical ordinances for Multnomah County. It is available to the public to aid in finding land use regulations in place at the time a person came into ownership of real property located within Multnomah County. This is a compilation of major zoning map and ordinance changes. Multnomah County does not warrant the accuracy of the documents nor does it assert that the documents contained in this website are the only relevant ordinances and/or maps. Furthermore, the zoning maps are a scanned representation of the official paper documents and colors may vary from the originals and may have legal significance. Zoning maps show zone district boundaries as of the effective date of the change, however, tax lots shown may not be accurate as of the same date, (i.e. some of the zoning maps use an outdated map from Assessment and Taxation as a base map). The maps are not survey accurate.

You should use the information contained in this internet site for general purposes only. You should obtain the services of a title company, lawyer, surveyor or other professional consultant to determine whether you have found all the maps and ordinances required for a Ballot Measure 37 claim or other matter of legal importance. This may require a review of original documents in the possession of Multnomah County.

Multnomah County assumes no responsibility for the accuracy of any documents included in this internet site, nor for the completeness of the collection of documents.